Washita Valley Community Action Council


            Program Design and Management

Affirmative Action Plan

Center Emergency List

Communication Policy and Procedure

Confidentiality Policy and Procedures

Head Start Transportation Manual

Impasse Procedures

Non-Federal Share Procedures

 Record Keeping and On-going Monitoring

Parent/Community Complaint Procedure

Planning Policy and Procedures

Policy Council Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedures

Policy Council Operating Procedures

Program Design and Management Plan

Safe Release of Children Policy and Procedures

Self Assessment Plan

Shared Decision Making Policy and Procedures

Staff Attendance Policy

Training and Career Development Plan

Washita Valley CAC Head Start Values

Authorization for Leave Form Procedures

Authorization for Leave Form

Career Development Request Form

Equal Opportunity Discrimination Complaint Form

Employee Information Update Form

Maintenance Request Form

Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursment Procedures

Miscellaneous Expense Reimbursement Claim

Procedures for Late Pick-up

Professional Growth and Individualized Training Plan

Requisition Form

Telephone Log Procedures

Telephone Log

Time Sheet Procedures

Travel Claim Form Procedure

Travel Claim Form

Child/Staff Ratio

Classroom Postings List

Code of Ethics

Head Start Centers Goals

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Parent/Community Complaint Form

Fire Extinguisher Instructions

First Aid for Dental Emergencies

Tornado Safety

Drill Record

Transportation Information

Parent Transportation Agreement

Transportation Orientation

Page 2 - Medication and Accident Index

Page 3 - Health Index

Page 5 - Family Services and Parent Involvement

Page 6 - Disabilities Index

Early Childhood Development Folder Index

Infants and Toddler Index Forms

Head Start Index Forms

Folder Sign In Sheet

Enrollment Index

Children's Sign-In Sheet

In-Kind Contribution Receipt

Volunteer Sign In Sheet

Volunteer Time Form

Center Visit Checklist
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